Server Requirements

These are the minimum server requirements, the installer will check if your server meets these or alternatively you can contact your hosting provider in order to make sure your server meets them.

PHP Version >= 7.1.3
PDO PHP Extension Enabled
php_fileinfo Extension Enabled
MySQL Database


Upload all files/folders located inside "source" folder to your server. (Don't upload Script folder, upload what inside it)

Remove file /path/to/source/storage/installed (if exists)

Open your file /path/to/source/.env

Config your database

Open your browser, (Google Chrome is recommended).
Go to

Click Next

Check permission folder in your server. Click Next

Click Next. Create Admin account

Name: Choose your admin name.
Email: Choose your admin email.
Password: Choose your admin password.
Confirmation Password: Confirmation your password.

Click Install

Once you have wrote the information, please click the install button and wait for a while, the installation process may take up to 5 minutes.


Extract the .zip file you downloaded. Upload only contents of "update" folder to your server (same place where files were uploaded during installation) and overwrite old files.
Visit url and click Update button (Make sure you are logged in as admin). Once update is completed you will be redirected back to homepage.

Scheduled Tasks (CRON Jobs)

In order for Mymo to perform some scheduled tasks (like deleting temporary files and expired shareable links), you will need to set up a CRON job on your server.
You can usually create CRON jobs from your hosting's Cpanel. You should create a CRON job that calls the command below every minute:
php /path/to/source/folder/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

Replace "path/to/source/folder" in the command above with path to source folder on your own server.

Translating the Site

You can translate the site from the Admin -> Setting -> Language page.
Click Sync Language button
Add new or click Translate in language row
In order to translate a particular line, simply click on it in the translation column.

Configuring Email

In order for outgoing emails (password reset, account validation, notifications etc.) to be sent out properly, you will need to configure your email provider.

This can be done from Admin -> Setting -> Email Setting and Test your email config


Login to your account
Click API » Create

Login to administrator dashboard.
Goto Setting » Systems Setting
Enter your Api Key to Api Key

Stream3s Api is google drive video stream service, if you use its need to configure the api.

Login to Stream3s, go to API => My Certificate in menu and Get your Certificate

Login your Admin page => Setting => System setting => Stream3s stream

Click Save button. Result:

Import movie from TMDB

Login to Admin dashboard.
Login to & find your movie.
Then copy tmdbID from browser address bar.

Goto Movies / Tv Series » Add From TMDB
Enter tmdbID to input » click Add Movie

Custom Menu

Login to Admin dashboard.
Goto Design » Menu

  • Click Add new to add new menu
  • Select sections in the left column to add them to the menu
  • Drag and drop to arrange the display order of the menu in the right column

Custom Slider

Login to Admin dashboard.
Goto Design » Slider.
Click Add new to add new slider or Click name slider to edit slider.
Click Add new banner to add new image to slider.

  • Title
  • Description
  • Url
  • Open new tab

Goto Design » Editor
Select Home » Slider
Choose Enable
Choose Slider in select box

Theme Editor

Login to Admin dashboard.
Goto Design » Editor
Select item left menu and edit it